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man holding chest in pain

Ask the doc: “I get chest pain a lot. How can I know if...

Chest pain can happen for a lot of reasons—here are some common ones.
Girl holding her stomach

Ask the doc: “How do I know if I have IBS?”

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS.
Coffee cup and alarm that reads "Wake up and be awesome"

Ask the doc: “What are some of the most effective ways to get energy...

One expert explains how to rev up your morning to feel awake all day.

Ask the doc: How do you know if you have a potential STI?

—Reed P.*, University of Windsor, Ontario (*Name changed)First, the most common symptom of an STI is no symptom at all. Studies have demonstrated these alarming truths: More than nine out of ten people infected...
Close up of doctor writing on clipboard

Ask the doc: How important is getting a full physical?

—Jonghyun R., University of Waterloo, OntarioWhy to get a physicalThe “physical,” or general health checkup, is an opportunity to assess you for signs or risk of illness, spot problems earlier (when they can be...

Ask the doc: Should I be concerned about a mole on my skin?

“Should I be concerned about a mole on my skin?”—Dale R., University of British Columbia, VancouverThis is a good question that everyone can benefit from—even in the winter. It’s a good idea to use...

Ask the doc: How does alcohol affect your brain and ability to learn?

“How does alcohol affect your brain and ability to learn?”—Josee C., University of Guelph, OntarioAlcohol is a preservative. Have you ever seen those jars of cherries in alcohol or the worm in the bottle...